YOU Ride AND YOU Drive!

The Ultimate Racing Experience Available

Want to get the most out of your experience? Then go for the Ultimate Experience — where you Ride AND you Drive!

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The Indy Racing Experience Ultimate Experience Package combines both our ride program (2 laps) and our drive an INDYCAR program (3 laps) into one package. All at a lower cost for you to maximize your dollar along with the thrills!

Get the best of both worlds! You yourself first get behind the wheel of a real single-seater INDYCAR, put your foot on the gas and give it all you have with just YOU in the drivers seat and the track ahead! Then hop in the Two-Seater IndyCar and experience the thrills and true g-forces at high speeds along with a professional INDYCAR Driver taking you for the Ride of your Life!

Top speeds 130 mph with the Driving Program and 180 mph with the Ride Program!

Experience BOTH Programs Driving AND Riding and enjoy the true THRILLS OF INDY with our Ultimate Drive and Ride an IndyCar Experience!

($1,200 per participant) Valid only at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway