Drive Real INDYCARS on the famed Indy 500 Oval Track

The Indy Racing Experience Driving Program gives each customer the chance to learn what it is like to drive a real INDYCAR

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Feel the rush of excitement from behind the wheel, as you follow a lead car and race around the track! (Speeds are dependent upon each customer's comfort level in the car.)

Our selection of INDYCARS are former race cars that have participated in the Indianapolis 500. These cars have detuned Honda engines but in every other way they are real INDYCARS (Restrictions: Each driver participant must be 18 years of age or older, under 6’5” in height, and under 250 lbs. No prior experience is needed, and an orientation and safety briefing will be completed before the Drive Program begins to make sure customer is comfortable inside the car and prepared in all safety aspects for the Drive of their Life!

Get your hands positioned on the wheel, your foot ready on the gas, and comfortable in the Driver's seat as YOU are on the world famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway in a real INDYCAR reaching speeds up to 130 mph for 3 laps!

($1,000 per participant)